Civic Virtue Relocation

Civic Virtue by American sculptor Frederick MacMonnies languished for decades in front of the Queens Borough Hall.


Location: The Green-Wood Cemetery 500 25th Street Brooklyn, NY

Client/Owner: The Green-Wood Cemetery

General Contractor: Mullen Construction

Marble Restoration: Kreilick Conservation

Project Status: Built

Size: 300 sq ft

Additional Information: Civic Virtue at Green-Wood

civic virtue 01 david grider architect

Civic Virtue by American sculptor Frederick MacMonnies languished for decades in front of the Queens Borough Hall

civic virtue 03 david grider architect

The Green-Wood Cemetery volunteered to make a home for it where it would be maintained

civic virtue 07 david grider architect

As designed by us and approved by the NYC Public Design Commission, the setting was simplified from the original elaborate fountain, bringing the marble figure closer to ground and making it easier to approach and read wholly in the round

civic virtue 04 david grider architect

Here the polished granite base is being installed after placing the statue on a new foundation

civic virtue 02 david grider architect

The marble dating from 1920 was finely restored

civic virtue 06 david grider architect

A final landscape ring in corten steel and an interpretive sign complete the composition