Project ORE for Older Adults

Our interior renovation for the Educational Alliance’s Project ORE serves the older adult community of Manhattan’s Lower East Side.


Location: 331 East 12th Street New York, NY

Client/Owner: The Educational Alliance

General Contractor: ZE Construction


Expediting: Planhandlers

Project Status: Built

Size: 4,700 sq. feet

project ore 01 david grider architect

Our interior renovation for the Educational Alliance’s Project ORE serves the older adult community of Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

project ore 02 david grider architect

We enlarged and reconfigured spaces, installed interior glass to distribute natural light throughout, and specified colorful, robust finishes to create an open, warm, and inviting series of spaces in what had been a dim institutional setting.

project ore 04 david grider architect

In the words of Project ORE’s former Director Nancy Abramson “the relocation and transformation have had a major impact on our population and programming. Most notable is the light! Having so much natural light in here has been wonderful; people are more talkative and engaged – sometimes in arguments – but nevertheless, engaged!”

project ore 03 david grider architect

In addition to the new activity and group room, we provided new counseling rooms, workstations and offices for staff.

project ore 05 david grider architect

And a new Kosher pantry area for catered meals.

project ore 06 david grider architect

And as with all of our projects, we used Building Information Modeling to create images of the project as it developed, allowing for a more informed team and improved project delivery.