Oh Say Can You See: We Are Family

By November 11, 2016blog
David Grider's yearbook picture

On this Veteran’s Day at the end of a long, bitter election I’m nostalgic for an older national contest that defined the start of my formative years in a mixed-race middle & high school.

October 1979 when Willie Stargell and the rest of the Pittsburgh Pirates came back to win the World Series swinging to the beautiful rhythms of Sister Sledge’s We Are Family.

I’m listening to this song a lot these days. Thinking about that funkier America of my youth, and the fans of all colors flooding onto the field celebrating to joyful music that everyone loved.

And as a patriot with a cherished childhood memory of singing the Star Spangled Banner at Fort McHenry with my dear grandmother, I wonder, in the spirit of emergency measures:

Could we make We Are Family our National Anthem for the next year?

David Grider's yearbook picture
David Grider’s yearbook picture